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Real health exists when you are living in the way that your mind and body were designed to function, and your genes give you the perfect blue print for building the very best version of yourself. Amazing advances in science now means that mapping your genes has been made possible for the very first time. With this knowledge, you will learn exactly what your body needs to return to health and thrive.

The science might be cutting edge but your body and genes are not. With this in mind Kate will guide you on how to support your body as it deals with our modern world, helping you resolve stress, mood issues, fatigue, hormone imbalance and gut problems.

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Kate Troup combines her 20 years of naturopathic experience with a passion for all things health-related.

Her background of running a busy clinic in London, training Doctors in Mumbai and developing nutritional supplements in the USA allows her to combine knowledge gathered from around the world and make getting healthy easy to understand and even easier to implement.

Kate combines leading-edge scientific knowledge with traditional know-how, and a wealth of experience from many years of clinical practice. Thousands of people have already benefited from Kate’s consultations, workshops, articles and weight loss programs.

A consultation with Kate is an unique experience that teaches you how your body works and how to return it to an optimal state of health. Kate shares generously with you the information, nutrition and lifestyle tips you will need, so you’ll be empowered to reach your health and wellbeing goals.

Kate has a special interest in fatigue, digestive issues and methylation related issues such as immune, detoxification and fertility. She has spent recent years focusing on MTHFR gene mutations and is very experienced in this area as well as having the knowledge to interpret gene tests such as 23andme, Fitgenes and SmartDNA.

Kate is Australian trained and qualified, and registered with the relevant professional associations.

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